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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's boozeday tuesday. it's july 10th. we are so glad you're with us today. >> how are you? >> you know what you're looking like? like you're getting ready for the olympics. i know you're not wearing ralph lauren, but it's that look. it's going to be crisp. >> i don't know if you recall, but you and i have been banned from the olympic games. >> actually, we'll start a whole
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thing on our facebook. >> about what? >> because people want to see you at the olympics, don't you? i personally am far too busy with important things, but i think hoda needs to go, doggone it. she needs to go and represent egypt at the olympics. >> what's the point? >> we need you guys to go to our facebook. we want thousands to go to say yes we need us some hoda. >> why am i going? what am i doing? >> what do you mean? you can get in trouble for two weeks. i'm thinking about you. i'm concerned about you with that much time off. you never had it in your life. >> i know. does this mean to go and work or have fun? >> no. you're going to work. we want your suggestions. >> what a nice way to begin. all right. let's move on to the tom cruise and katie holmes settlement. >> she has been on the cover of this now ten days. the "daily news."
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>> they finally reached a divorce settlement yesterday afternoon. it was quick. she filed 11 days ago. >> tom just found out three days ago. >> very quick, they issued a joint statement, which usually there's a lot of push and pull before something like this comes out. here's what they say, "we are committed to working together as parents to accomplish what is in our daughter suri's best interests. we want to keep matters affecting our family private, and express our respect for each other's commitment to each other's respective beliefs and support each other's roles as parents." >> she was raised catholic and he is a very very vocal scientologyist. she is going to raise suri here in new york and raise her in the faith she grew up in. i don't know. you can't believe some scientology and some christianity. they do not mix. >> she converted to scientology.
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she talked about how she was raised a catholic but she was interested in the auditing process of scientology and gave a couple of interviews to that effect. a short time later she said she converted. anyway, it will be interesting -- >> remember what we talked about that. every time i hear the word "converted," it sounds funny to me. if you're so easily ready to change what you believe to something else, it means you really didn't believe it to begin with, it seems to me. maybe you were raised in something but didn't believe it. >> i think sometimes if you're introduced to something you didn't know about, you go, i didn't know about this, you learn about it and it's appealing to you, i can see changing. >> changing and evolving is really good. but changing your basic belief system? that's a huge thing. that's huge. >> it is a big deal. all right. this is interesting. it was in jersey, a place called seaside, new jersey. there was this crazy weird storm
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that came out of nowhere. there's this ride. you can transport yourself -- >> a sky ride. >> up on top there are two girls stuck up there because the power shut down. >> look at that. >> she was terrified. she was so afraid up there that she was in some metal death trap, she called it, she decided to haul off and jump. she ended up not hurting herself. she had bruises and bumps. she was so scared up there. there's lightning, thunder, a crazy storm. would you have jumped or sat up there? >> it's hard for me to see -- didn't look like 30 feet, looked like about eight. >> it was longer. >> i probably would jump, too. i don't know. >> i think i would have been freaked. that storm is coming out of nowhere. here she goes. her shoes are off first then you go. >> good news is she is okay and her friend who stayed was not hit by lightning. i don't like anything older than
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i am except for frank. i'm very fond of frank. those rides are sometimes so old, like some of the elevators you get on here in new york city. you wonder, when is the last time this thing was checked? >> i do get scared. there is an elevator at my gym that is so bad. it always gets broken and stuck. i'm always afraid when i get in it. i wonder if i'll make it. it grinds and cranks. it's scary. >> why i don't you get a new gym? >> i like my gym. you guys are going to freak over this. mayor bloomberg has a plan to make itty-bitty, tiny, micro unit apartments. >> housing is a huge problem in the city. >> he has proposed making tiny apartments between 275 and 300 square feet. >> that 25 feet makes a big difference. >> know how much it costs you in new york for this apartment? two grand a month. when i first moved to new york i freaked.
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the new york apartments are so small and they were like this is a studio, here is your living area and over here is where you'll sleep. it's all in one room. >> a studio apartment. we happen to have one set up for you. >> what does 300 square feet -- this looks big because of the crazy wide angle of this camera. let's use the regular camera to show what it really looks like. >> the black line or the white? >> both. let's do not the wide shot. >> i think it's lovely. >> this is the living room where amanda and jerry, lovers, are watching their favorite television show. >> yes. then the bedroom -- where is the kitchen? >> you probably have to have a sofa here which opens up. jerry, you have to go. you would have the bed that opens up and have your crazy "shades of grey" stuff there. >> ew, why did you say that? >> the kitchen would be over here. the wide shot is deceiving. >> this looks roomier than i thought it would be.
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>> i could live here. i do live in one. >> thanks so much, you guys. pay your rent on time. hoda, remember your apartment when i first met you had a huge hole in the middle? every time it rained your apartment flooded. >> i was paying $4,500 a month for that. >> what? >> it's a rip off. it's a real rip off. that's what you pay for no space. you pay for what's around you. >> you pay for your environment. >> we've been very worried about you because you're not sleeping. >> i know. >> you've been talking about having sleep problems. we're doing a segment today on that. people had -- there was a huge reaction to your issue. >> because i'm not alone. it's very, very common. >> no one is sleeping. barbara says your hormones may be out of whack. >> no kidding. i said that. i told you when i got pregnant with cody, that's when it all changed. that was hormonal.
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>> laurie thinks you should drink almond milk before bedtime. >> that ain't happening. >> charlotte young says, a white noise machine works. >> actually, when i was out at the new apartment in los angeles over the week, i had no idea. first night i get there was really late. there is no air conditioning in the whole building. it's from the 1920s. it's gorgeous. i went, i'll die. i finally get to bed midnight, 3:00 our time. all of a sudden a helicopter goes over, sirens, the night before fourth of july, firecrackers. i'm going, i cannot sleep. but i went out and got old-fashioned noisy fans and slept so, so well. >> you're kidding. >> two with cross, you know, the cheaper the better. i loved it. i loved it. >> debbie says spray your pillow with lavender. >> i'll try that. >> daniel says drink at nighttime. >> that isn't helping. >> point taken.
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dorothy recommends sex. nothing works better than that. have sex, go to bed. >> wrong. a board certified sleep specialist from meridian health will be with us in a little bit. i don't want to go on drugs. i avoided them my whole life. >> no melatonin? >> they don't work for me. you know what does work? when i have bad allergies, i take benadryl. >> so this is a question we have for you. if you've read "fifty shades of grey," what would christian grey look like, the main character? that's been something batted around. a british professor made a sketch, a composite. this is apparently what the guy would look like. if they took val kilmer's lips and brad pitt's hair. >> somebody else's body. that's what he looks like. >> he's 27 years old, right? >> yeah. if you were to pick christian
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grey, who would you pick? >> kevin costner in "no way out." remember that? >> yeah, that's good. >> that would be pretty much it. >> or who else would he look like? >> a little something like this. yeah, baby. >> that's a hot picture of frank. you know who i think would be perfect? if you remember the movie "wall street?" gordon gekko? michael douglas, bossy, in charge. >> you like that! >> i like it just like that. how about him? >> bossy and in charge. unless you're out of the bedroom, then you want to be the boss. >> exactly. >> how is that working out? a new study. you know what you need, hoda woman? you need a baby or a dog. apparently, to be really healthy. if you want your baby to be healthy, you need a dog. "medical journal of pediatrics" says infants who live with dogs
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were healthy 73% of the time during their first 12 months. >> the dirtier the dog, the healthier the kid. apparently if your dog brings the germs in -- >> they build immunity. >> dirty dogs all the way. >> don't date dirty dogs. they can carry all kinds of diseases. >> we have a big show. former "playboy" model kendra wilkenson is here. she has so many new shows. >> this is called "kendra on top." >> balancing marriage and motherhood right after this. listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice.
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5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. but you can't take your pants off in a museum." [ laughs ] ted, i can't wait to take you home and run my fingers through that adorable hair. who says we need to wait 'til home? ♪ hey, i don't come here for the ambiance. axe hair? [ male announcer ] with teddy bear hair you can get away with anything. get some of your own with axe hair. come see ted in theatres. rated r. ♪
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his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ [ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches. in 2004, kendra wilkinson attended a birthday party and never looked back. >> not just anyone's party. this one celebrated hugh hefner and what was to become the start of a new career for her. >> with her "playboy" days behind her -- >> hello! >> -- she's a wife and working mom. her third reality show, "kendra
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on top," deals with the stress that comes from all things involved. >> it's been really hard on me. i've been trying so hard to comfort you. >> you're doing a lot right now. you have a lot of emotions. it was a very emotional day for you. you're away from payne the first time in a long time. he's crying because he misses you. >> i couldn't take that. >> i know. >> everybody's hormonal. kendra is here. nice to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> how are you? >> regardless of what we read, you are still married and you have a beautiful 2 1/2-year-old boy. how is hank? >> both hanks are great. my son hank is in preschool full time now. >> his hair is so long. >> you're going to see that tonight on we. that was actually a hormonal moment i had because i was away from little hank for about two weeks. >> that's the longest yet.
2:20 am
>> yes. i skyped with him and that was a real moment i had. i just broke down in front of the cameras. i can't take this right now he was crying and i wasn't there to comfort him. >> there is no guilt like that guilt. >> it was so hard. >> so your being a full-time mom, is that what your career path is right now? >> well, the cameras are there to shoot it. >> she is being paid to be a full-time mom. >> exactly. >> what about your husband? i know he was a professional ballplayer, then he wasn't. what's happening with his career? >> is officially done with football. that is progress we've been in now he's transitioning into a new career. by the finale of this season of "kendra on top," you'll get a chance to see what that next move is. >> that can be a very, very difficult thing when a man has been defined by what he does for so long. >> what is more difficult for him, everybody thinks he's the stay-at-home dad, which he loves. he loves to be a father. we put 50/50 into this
2:21 am
relationship, but he wants to be the worker. he wants to be the man of the house. you'll get a chance to see what he is doing now. >> how does this differ from the one you had before? this shows you as a mom. >> "kendra on the bottom" that was the other one. >> that was the bottom, i'm on top now. >> you're moving up. >> exactly. the energy is different. i'm where i need to be now. we finally have a home. you get a chance to come in and live our lives with us. last season, the last couple of shows was about moving around because of hank's football career. more a victim of his career. now you get a chance to really live with us. >> okay. >> we took a quiz. what was the quiz, a drinking quiz? >> what drink are you. we had to answer a bunch of questions. we came up with the conclusion. what is it? come on out. which one is for me? >> there is jerry. >> you're wine. >> you are a big fruity drink. >> this is what i came here for.
2:22 am
>> and you're a beer. >> i'm a beer girl. >> cheers. >> it works. >> i do love sweet. >> i don't know if i can do that. >> what beer do you like? >> i like blue moon, guinness. >> hardy beer. it takes a lot of energy to be on top and kendra is. >> a couple of drinks. >> tonight we will see "kendra on top" on we-tv. >> what is keeping me up at night, hoda woman? nbc won't let me say. we'll find out so we can get a better night's sleep. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walkin sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself honoring america's ich is actually ite fitting because ico has been servinghing band and crowd cheering and i found myself e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that.
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smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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you're still counting aren't you? today we live online and in a few years
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the number of devices in your home will double. some networks can't handle it, but verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it, and now a revolution in speed is here -- fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as america has ever seen. to find out more about fios quantum go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. an estimated 50 million to 70 million adults in this country have sleep or wakefulness disorder. our own kathie lee is one of them. last week she mentioned she gets about four hours a sleep per night. >> your suggestions came rolling in. our producers decided to bring in the expert. a board certified sleep
2:27 am
specialist from meridian health. welcome. >> welcome. >> so i'm not a lost cause. >> no. >> nor the other 70 million people struggling with this. i fall asleep. a lot of people can't fall asleep. i fall asleep like a log then i wake up about four hours later. >> it's a problem. we see this all the time. your story is going to resonate with so many women because as you're saying, typically what will happen is we'll have a major life change like child birth and then that is the initiating event. unfortunately now you have things that come into the picture that are amplifiers. things that may not have been a problem before. so the initiating event is long gone, that problem resolved and the other things continue. >> except as a mother, you're listening. the hormonal thing changed. that went away, then i'm a mother listening for my child. then i had another baby.
2:28 am
now i'm finally -- not finally. my daughter is leaving for college. it's the first time i'm not thinking about are the kids okay. >> is it thoughts or chemical? >> it's all those things, hoda. it's a complex problem trying to sort out when someone is not sleeping. you have to take each factor and address them. unfortunately, most of us don't know how to start. we have so many demands and expectations on us. kathie lee is up worrying about you at night. it's a tough job. >> i pray for you all the time. >> let's get kathie lee to sleep. what's the 101. what should she do? she gets tucked into bed what should happen? >> first thing you can't do is try to solve the problems of the day in the middle of the night. it's common, those racing thoughts keeping us up at night. what tends to happen, when you're going to sleep at night, you're alone with your thoughts, you're isolated. things tend to bother us more at night. first thing simple, get a journal, write it down. when you look at it in the light of day, many times you can come
2:29 am
up with a solution for your own problem. if not, reach out to a trusted friend or professional. another thing, again alone with your thoughts? what you want to do is get something like this. this will work well for you. >> love that. >> sea gulls, ocean sounds. it becomes part of a nice bedtime relaxing routine. it stops you from thinking about worrying about hoda all night long. >> i don't worry about her, i pray for her. i long ago learned worrying about something doesn't help. praying about things helps everything. >> thank you. what else do you do? >> in the summertime we have challenges because two things. sunlight will come in. that will stop you from transitioning successfully into sleep. just getting room darkening shades will help or simple eye mask. >> do you sleep with those? >> i don't. they're great. i do like the dark. >> each one of those things is a factor. if you get rid of that, the
2:30 am
other thing you can do is make sure the room temperature is cool. this is a great alarm clock. not only does it have soothing sounds, this alarm clock will project on the ceiling the temperature in the room. >> that's going to keep you awake staring at it. >> most people don't realize the optimum temperature to sleep, 65 degrees. >> i like it at 68 and frank likes it at 82. it's a problem. >> cooler than people think. if you're doing all these things and you're following these processes, you can use a device like this. monitor your pulse. >> we are going to lose weight doing this.
2:31 am
2:32 am
we are back on this boozeday tuesday with more of "today." if you're on a diet, you might want to start your day with a cold bath.
2:33 am
you heard us right. >> i don't think so. >> that's just one of the tips in a new book that's gotten a lot of attention in england and is making its way over the pond to our shore. >> the book is not without controversy. we have the author of "six weeks to omg get skinnier than all your friends." >> then they'll hate you and you won't have friends. but you'll be skinny. >> that title sounds kind of like geared toward young people. >> not really. you've got to excite people about health. i didn't want to put "diet" in the title because it's not a diet. diet is just about food. you have to have something sexy because health can be boring. >> what is sexy about a cold bath? >> if you get in -- >> with christian grey, maybe. but by yourself? well, maybe. >> you say getting in a cold bath will pump up your metabolism? >> absolutely. when your body gets cold, it doesn't like being cold, it ramps up the metabolism. just like turning the thermostat
2:34 am
up in your home, the energy will come from somewhere. >> because calories are -- >> energy. they're heat. >> you suggest submerging yourself in 59 degree water for how long? >> or 68 degrees. >> for how long? >> 5 to 10 minutes, 15. there's no haves in this book. try it, if it works, it can change your entire life by one thing. tell us what you need to know about dieting. are you a nutritionist? where are you getting this information? >> i'm a sports scientist. we get involved in diet, psychology, biology. all this stuff. that's just how the human body works. >> didn't you lock yourself up in london in a library how many days? 60 days? something like that? >> oh, no. seven months. >> seven months. you've got to learn something in seven months. >> thank you. >> even you, right? >> yeah, even me. >> let's move on down here because this gets your heart pumping, but it just seems like exercise would do that. >> you want to get on the treadmill. >> exercise would do the trick. >> don't call it exercise. when you hear the "e" word, it's scary. people had exercise at school
2:35 am
and it was a tool of punishment. your body doesn't know whether you're on fifth avenue or in serengeti. it just wants to know you're moving. >> how long should someone get moving for? >> as long as possible. half hour in the morning, 45 minutes. but also little chunks throughout the day. you know, we're physical creatures. we're meant to move. >> take the stairs. instead of the elevator. >> you say skip breakfast. joy bauer says that is a huge mistake. >> i do it all the time. >> most people don't skip breakfast, right? >> right. >> and most people are heavy. >> but everyone on our joy fit club, these people who weighed a ton and lost a lot of weight, all said they skipped breakfast. >> it's actually delaying breakfast. ultimately you will break your fast. >> when do you eat, after your cold bath? >> you don't have to have the cold bath, you want to get moving in the morning. wait an hour or two then have breakfast. >> let's move down here to the abs. apparently this helps with your
2:36 am
ab issues. >> don't touch it. of course you're going there. lord. tell us about the balloon action. >> this is not about -- >> i'm getting rid of this. i'm sorry. >> i love the color green, you know? nothing like a good martian. >> how does this help your abdomen? >> if you blow really hard, the muscle underneath here -- >> go, hoda. >> -- really tenses up. this is called your transverses. you can breathe. it gives you a flat stomach. it's really effective. >> quickly, these smoothies, people think they're being healthy. you say steer clear. >> the sugar, even if you have the healthiest foods as a snack, it's not healthy. your body is designed to live off itself, its own fuel. we've got plenty. you know? >> well, speak for yourself. >> i'm sure it tastes nice, but really we need to start living off ourselves. >> your book is a huge hit overseas. we'll see how it does here.
2:37 am
>> very nice to meet you. a little strange, but we like you. >> don't worry about getting down and dirty this summer. >> an accidental housewife shows how to get rid of stubborn stains.
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2:41 am
from outdoor barbecues to riding your bike, most summer plans include enjoying the great outdoors which can make it harder to keep your clothes clean. >> here with solutions for common summer stains, julie adelman. >> let's get our barbecue sauce. >> it's a nasty thing. >> three things to remember. tbd, treat pronto, blot, don't rub, don't put it in the drier or the stain will set.
2:42 am
you think ketchup and barbecue sauce you can use the same things to get them out. i'm going to show what you to do. ♪ try a little tenderness you like to sing. meat tenderizer. you don't want to use the seasoned kind because that will stain. use the regular. use about a tablespoon of that. add some water. you make a little paste. of course you want to remove the ketchup first. you put it on another thing so you don't dirty that. always put a cloth underneath to absorb. put the paste on just like so. let it sit there 10 to 15 minutes. the meat tenderizer has natural enzymes which break down the blood bonds in meat and softens it. >> how do you get it off? >> scrape and wash. >> the question is, who first thought meat tenderizer and water will take that right out? >> not me.
2:43 am
>> barbecue sauce. again, scrape as much as you can off first. not make more of a mess, which i'm doing. but i'm the accidental housewife. then you want to use baking soda, sprinkle as much as you want on. then you want to use, remember the science experiment? vinegar fizzes it and helps to lift the stain. isn't that fun? >> cool. >> you'll take that off. >> let's get blueberry stains out. >> it's national blueberry month as well as ice cream month. what you want to do again is scrape, scrape, scrape, get rid. also what you should do is run cold water on the inside to help push the blueberry stain out. i love to use what's handy.
2:44 am
the alcohol of hair spray. you put that on. let it sit for a while. an alternative is let it soak in buttermilk. you would put the garment in buttermilk. let it sit 10, 15 minutes. what's great, this is a natural bleaching agent in buttermilk. you can also use it, by the way, on dark spots. >> look how short these shorts are. who wears these? >> julie. >> they're mine. deodorant stains. what causes it is the aluminum antiperspirant. baking soda and a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. put this on here. this is on for about a half hour. i'm going to remove it. this is after a half hour versus that. >> what kind of stain?
2:45 am
>> yellowy armpit. >> we've got to run. >> i'm going to get on my bicycle with another pair of my shorts. cheez-wiz will reduce the grease stains from bike because of the natural enzymes in that. >> thank you, julie. >> i'm going now. >> bye! bobbie thomas has cool stuff. it's all in "tuesday's trend." i'm meteorologist kim cunningham. here's the forecast for the next seven days. starting with wednesday's forecast of thunderstorms all across the south, we're still in that soupy air mass, the front still dangling in the area. so where we had the front, where we had the moisture, we'll have thunderstorms. thal be the story the next couple of days across the south. we'll start to see temperatures coming up a little bit for the northeast and for the west the man soon shifting a little
2:46 am
farther to the west. but until then, we'll be dealing with some pretty hot temperatures. in vegas, phoenix as well, well over 100 degrees. there's the heat returning somewhat, louisville up to 91, 88 in chicago but still a far cry from the over 100 degree temperatures we had not long ago. 87 atlanta on wednesday, not bad. with with the rain, again, very humid, uncomfortable temperatur temperatures continue until thursday. we won't get rid of this front. it will sit here and give us some good rain. 87 in atlanta thursday, 91 in chicago, the heat building back in. friday really no major changes. west coast looks beautiful the next couple of days, 82 in seattle, portland looking good as well. there's the monsoon, we're seeing the rain here into the intermountain west with thunderstorms in the forecast, 106 in phoenix. the rain spreads northward, boy, i'll tell you what this area could use it. on saturday the ohio valley gets the rain. it's with us even on sunday as that moisture is being drawn up all the way into upstate new
2:47 am
york. people going to disney world, expect the rain off and on throughout the week. 96 in kansas city. it will be hot this weekend it looks like and monday's forecast keeps that rain into the ohio valley, temperatures in the 80s, west coast staying nice, 75 in seattle, phoenix cooling down somewhat with the moisture increasing across the area. monday through friday, 6:00 and 10:00 a.m., "wake up with al." he'll have your forecast and let you know what the latest is in the news.
2:48 am
2:49 am
we are back with bobbie's "tuesday's trend." this week it's all about the kids. >> with the latest and greatest for babies, tots and tweens, bobbie thomas. >> hi. >> what you got for us? >> i'm so excited. i want to make an announcement. >> uh-oh --
2:50 am
>> no. no. on we had our made in america style contest. i got to pick the winner and we'll talk more about this friday for my minute buzz, but rodney price, congratulations. your quick exchange picture frames, they won. >> oh, good! >> congratulations. >> good for him. >> now it's time for babies. this is a really cool new way to actually give your baby a bath. this is called a blooming bath. this soft insert -- >> how adorable! >> so smart. >> what a great idea. >> it wrings out. toss it in the dryer. such a good idea. >> speaking of modern innovations, traveling with a child is so challenging, especially in coach seats. you're all scrunched up. this is fly baby. they actually came up with a harness that's like a hammock that hangs from the seat in front of you. we have a picture to show how this works.
2:51 am
that way this is only during the flight, not takeoff and landing. you can have your hands free to take care of the baby, to have eye contact. this will also go on beach chairs, lounges et cetera. >> great idea. >> adorable idea. this happens to be made in the usa, too. this is called rock me baby. these look like separates, but everything in this collection is a one-piece. the reason is, you rock the baby into it so there's no snaps. this is such a great way to not be frustrated trying to find the little snap with your little one. and it's very soothing and it keeps the clothes together. >> very, very cute. sweet. >> this is a little kitty. >> no, it's not. one of my favorite places on earth to find people for the segments, etsy. one of their sellers came up with this rehuggable bear. you take any dad or man's shirt and they'll make a bear. great for guys when the man not at home. dad and baby bond.
2:52 am
another one, look at these crayon stashes. nate is underneath wearing it, playing with it. he's wearing it as a belt. he is actually playing with a book called "holes." what's so cool about this book is it's not meant to be inside the lines. will you draw inside the shapes like this hole. then the kids can like, little kids that don't get it yet, they can see how it inspires apples and other stuff. >> cute! >> this is stylish and smart. these are fun bright bracelets. if your kid has a peanut allergy, anything else, at a party adults can spot it. he can feel cool wearing it or she can feel cool. >> lets everybody know it's an issue. >> then at night, if kids are riding their bikes, these wrap and glow in the dark. you can see kids from 500 feet away. >> they shouldn't be out at night anyway. >> i want to get to our last part. >> these are called tappy taps.
2:53 am
they are meant to go on a faucet and turn into a drinking fountain. this doesn't work. we have a picture of it working. it squeezes the fountain water stream so after brushing your teeth you can have it right there. when you're outside with kids at a game and you don't want to put their mouth on a fountain -- >> it doesn't work. >> no plumbing. >> this needs adult supervision. we need some adults watching us. these are buddy bumper balls. they're like human bumper cars. >> whoa, whoa! you okay? >> was that fun? >> i'm fine. >> this is a great way for kids to burn off their energy in the backyard. and it's fun. >> but you should do it in the grass, right? >> yes, in the grass, adult supervision. >> are you trying to mess with her? sar sarah, she's smaller than you. give it to her again. >> bobbie, thank you, darling. >> good-bye, sara.
2:54 am
p. >> somebody's a little bottom-heavy. it's time to feed the kids, a southern classic. >> recipe from colonel sanders' lost long cookbook. this is nbc on "today." lock and key, the colonel did
2:55 am
2:56 am
>> announcer: "today's" kitchen is sponsored by kfc. enjoy the new kfc original recipe bites. time for "today's kitchen,"
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what's cooking, a new recipe from colonel sanders' private collection. one recipe still remains under lock and key, the colonel did leave behind old-time country recipes along with his story. >> the information was discovered and turned into colonel harland sanders which can be downloaded going to kfc's facebook page. >> with us today is edward lee, here to cook up one of the newly found recipes, a spokesperson for kfc as well as the executive chef of 610 magnolia in tennessee and the son of mrs. lee! >> how are you? >> nice shoutout to my mom. >> let's do it. >> fried red tomatoes. >> everyone has heard of fried green tomatoes. but like hoda said earlier, nobody likes them. >> i love them. >> this is a fun recipe. everyone's got red tomatoes. >> right. >> and this time of year, they are so good. pf it's perfect right now. >> egg wash.
2:58 am
>> little egg wash, then we're going to go into the flour. then we'll go back into the egg wash. >> then we are going into -- >> what's that stuff? >> japanese bread crumbs called panko bread crumbs. you can use any bread crumbs you want, but these are nice and golden. >> put them right in vegetable oil or olive oil? >> this is vegetable oil. i do not use olive oil because i want an oil that will cook at a higher temperature. >> and olive oil leaves a specific taste. >> which we don't want. we want a neutral oil with this. >> would you like me to flip these? >> yes. >> not yet. >> oh, those. >> how long have these been cooking? >> about a minute and a half. i'll show you a quick tip. when you flip, flip away from you. that way you never get it on your clothing. perfect. a quick tip. >> what? that was a good flip. >> that was a beautiful flip. >> thank you! >> we're going to do that and let these cook for a little bit. >> you're trying to cook the tomato through? >> no. the tomato is going to stay just warm.
2:59 am
raw but a little bit warm, nice crisp on the outside. >> uh-oh, that's burning. >> that's burning a tad. little high. >> i turned it off. >> okay. >> that's fine. >> now we're going to make our dressing. i've got garlic in here. buttermilk. which is for more than just cleaning up stains. >> yeah. it's a buttermilk kind of day. >> a little mayonnaise. this is a mix of parsley, chives and tarragon. which will have a wonderful taste, lemon juice. >> did mrs. lee teach you how to cook? >> yes, mrs. lee did teach me how to cook a little bit and so did the colonel. the two combined kind of produced me. but i never did know the colonel. i'm a little young. that's quick. it's done. >> this is the dressing? >> we've got 30 seconds. you want to try? >> yes, i do. let me have a bite. tomorrow, a special guy edition of "today" you'll want to share with your man. >> from living in peace in your bedroom and bathroom to just understanding one another. >> that's so important. of course our


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